E911 Interop, MultiAlerts911

MultiAlerts911 Interop

All customers must go through interop before they are live.
Interop is easy and usually takes under twenty minutes.
Below is a outline of the types of things you will go through during interop.


- Customer agrees to only send G.711 ulaw codecs.
- Customer agrees to only send SIP over UDP on port 5060.
- Customer asserts timeout failover will occur in 3 seconds.
- Customer asserts calls to 933 are treated identically as 911.


Test 1: Provisioning

Verify customer has provisioned a subscriber successfully.
Record number, address, status, and AddressID.

Test 2: SIP Connectivity and IP Quality

Dial 933 to both Denver and LA.

Test 3: SIP Timeout Failover

Verify failover from SIP timeout, dialing 933.

Test 4: SIP Busy Failover

Verify failover from SIP 486 busy, dialing 933.

Test 5: SIP Error

Verify failover from SIP 503 error, dialing 933.

Test 6: Live call

Verify live, provisioned, 911 test call. Open call with
“This is a non-emergency VoIP test call” and verify ANI and address.

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