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E911 Solution with Innovative Alerts

MultiAlert911™ introduces 'MultiAlerts' to provide the highest safety.
Real-time alerts by text, email, call recording; listen to live calls (ListenIN).

ListenIN allows people you authorize to hear your call to 9-1-1 in real-time.
They can speak to each other and help coordinate immediate safety measures.

For example:
Let’s say that Alice has MultiAlert911 configured on her office phone in office 721.If Alice dials 9-1-1, MultiAlert911 will immediately send out Alerts using text, voice and email to the people Alice has provisioned in her MultiAlert911 profile.

Alice has listed the lobby security guard, Bob, and her office manager, Carol, as Alert contacts with ListenIN enabled. When Alice dials 9-1-1, in addition to SMS and email both Bob and Carol will receive a telephone call announcing that “A call to 9-1-1 was placed by Alice. To listen in, press 1”. Immediately, Bob and Carol will be joined into a conference bridge where they will be able to hear Alice’s live, in-progress 9-1-1 call. And, while listening to the live 9-1-1 call, Bob and Carol will be able to hear and talk to each other and plan an emergency response strategy in real time.

This allows Bob and Carol to immediately be aware of Alice’s specific situation. They can then prepare for police or EMTs and plan an emergency response strategy in real time.

MultiAlert911 increases the safety and response time for all 9-1-1 emergency calls.
Increase safety
by implementing
“A Better 911”

We're revolutionizing
E911 for VoIP.

Now any VoIP provider worldwide can
easily and instantly
provision E911
for DID numbers in
the USA & Canada.

Total safety & compliance.

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